Part Time Visa

Here are 6 of the best suggestions on options for part time Uk jobs in 2010:

1. Sell all those old clothes and gadgets

Do you have an attic full of unwanted clothes. Do you have a cupboard full of gadgets you no longer use or should I say play with. Well selling those on eBay will solve two problems. Your space problems and bring in an income, sometimes more than you thought.

2. Become a landlord

Over 18.2m UK homeowners have at least one empty room. Some 388,000 homeowners already rent out one of their spare rooms, giving them a collective income of £1.1 billion annually. Postings on Gumtree offering a room for rent have increased by 34% in the past six months. Although the amount of rent will depend on where you live, the average monthly asking price is £289, so you could raise £3,468 extra each year. Also there is a great demand in London for accommodation.This is a great part time job opportunity for London.

3. Become a parking landlord

Driveways and garages can be real assets in areas where people are constantly seeing parking spaces and feeding the meters. You can advertise your parking offer locally in the classified ads of local newspapers, or go to websites like Always include useful information in your advert like distance from: tubes, BR stations and bus routes. You could charge up to £50 a week depending on where your garage or parking space is located. Visit best h1b 兼职 This is a pretty easy way to start a part time job, you maybe sitting with your garage full of junk from the house. What a waste. This is a great part time job opportunity for London.

4. Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is a good way to start a part time Job, you can earn at least £30 an hour in your spare time by offering private tuition to children and adults from everything from cookery, English and foreign languages, to GCSE and A-level subjects.Think of all the foreign students who will come to the UK and London in 2010. You could offer your services independently, by placing an advertisement in a news agent’s window or library notice board, or by delivering flyers around your neighbourhood. Alternatively, you could go through an agency. While you will typically get less cash from going down the agency route, it can help you secure prospective clients for your services much quicker. This is a great part time job or second job for weekends or evenings.

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