Buying Lacrosse Sticks

It doesn’t matter what level of lacrosse player you are. You have to have a lacrosse stick to be able to perform. It’s impossible for you to step foot on the field of play without the proper equipment on you. There are several sticks to choose from and depending on what level of lacrosse you play, you can find the best stick that fits your needs the most. Buying here CT lacrosse club

Whether you’re an attacker, midfielder, defender, goalie or youth there is a stick that is designed specifically for you. It’s also appropriate to get a net that is perfect for you to carry the ball. With the sticks you should also buy stringing and dying equipment. Throughout the course of a game or practice you might come across the need to restring.

When buying lacrosse sticks it’s important to know what flex point you’re comfortable with. The flex point is, like in golf, the bendable factor for the stick or club. You will inevitably fling the ball consistently throughout the course of the match so your flex point has to be on point or the way you like it in order to work. Certain positions will have a more flexible flex point, while some will be less flexible. Each position is designed to have a certain level of flex and knowing what flex point you’re most comfortable with is important in determining which type of stick to use.

You can buy lacrosse sticks that are not strung together which could work as an advantage to some, but more often than not you will find the lacrosse sticks pre-strung.

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